This App is Amazing for Fitness Trackers

If you own a fitness tracker such as a smart watch or a Fitbit then download the free app Carrot Rewards to your smartphone IMMEDIATELY. 

Carrot Rewards is an app that connects to your fitness tracker and, if you reach your step goal for that day, gives you redeemable points towards rewards programs such as SCENE, Aeroplan Miles, Petro-Points, More Rewards, and Drop Points. Sorry Americans, I think these are Canadian specific companies. 

Screenshot of my Points History

Screenshot of my Points History

Since January 2nd I've earned 300 SCENE points! No advertisements, no bullshit. 

It's pretty gratifying to achieve something at the end of the day just for following your usual routine. The daily rewards are small but after a little while the points definitely add up and you can use them towards real stuff, such as a free movie at Cineplex

Check out the Carrot website to see recipes, health tips, and more: