Neilson 4 L Milk Bags (Source: )

Neilson 4L Milk Bags (Source:

Milk goes green

It's time to put a stop to milk bags!

In Canada, milk is sold in plastic bags. In other parts of the world milk is sold in plastic jugs, containers, or glass bottles. The rational behind this has been that milk bags produce less waste and take up less space at the landfill. According to Halton Recycles, the average Canadian consumes about 20 4L milk bags per year - in a household of four people that's 80 bags per year! These popular milk bags produce large amounts of waste, are highly inefficient, and are frankly quite outdated. 

Solution: Drink Milk, Love Life. 

Refillable milk containers

Have you ever seen those new Coca-Cola machines at movie theatres where you can now choose your drink and fill it up yourself? If you have, picture how awesome it would be to have a similar machine that dispenses milk at your local grocery store. All you have to do is bring in your own grocery-store-approved refillable container and you've got fresh milk for the entire family! 


Saving the environment while saving your money on packaging costs!


 Original Content by Daniel Camilletti

Original Content by Daniel Camilletti